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CBD Common health benefits

CBD Common health benefits

As recent scientific study has shown, cannabidiol, or CBD, may have significant health benefits in addressing a wide range of medical conditions. 

CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant that are showing promise for therapeutic use. As the legalization of cannabis spreads across the world, and as multiple researchers continue to study the plant’s enormous potential, the associated stigma about using this wonderful substance will continue to reduce.


CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief

CBD may alleviate severe social anxiety. Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder, or SAD, is unfortunately the more common of the anxiety disorders.

In 2011, as study conducted by scientists looked at the effects on people using CBD who have SAD. The looked into 24 people with this condition who have never received treatment and split them into 2 groups. One had 600mg of CBD whilst the other had a placebo. The scientists conducting the research then asked the participants to take part in a public speaking simulated event, where they measured such things as blood pressure, pulse rate etc.

The group of people who had taken CBD showed significantly reduced levels of discomfort, general anxiety, and cognitive impairment when compared to the placebo group.


CBD for Pain Relief

One of the greatest areas of CBD oil is for generalized pain relief. Multiple studies have been shown that CBD oil can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, from MS, Back pain, Muscle aches and arthritis, to name a few. It's even been shown to provide improvement for people suffering from Parkinsons disease. Also as an added benefit, CBD has lots of anti-inflammatory effects that can help with redness and swelling.

CBD PTSD / Stress relief

It's been well documented that CBD oil is also a major stress reliever. In a article about the use with PTSD it's noted that it can facilitate extensions of adverse memories (the stress trauma association in someone's memory about a specific event) as well as showing far fewer side affects than a normal pharmacological intervention would involve.


CBD with managing mood and energy

'Energy' is quite a commonly banded term in more loosely held scientific  circles. However in this case - when talking about enhancing the body's energy levels - there is some research that points to CBD providing and anti-depressant and anti-anxiety uplift that provides quite a serene effect. It attaches to the body's natural receptors and helps increase mood, decrease mood swings, depression, and generally show a better treatment in helping the mind come back to a normal balanced state.


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