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CBD For Your Pets: A Pawsitive Experience

CBD For Your Pets: A Pawsitive Experience


CBD wellness has swept the world recently as a natural and effective tool for treating a myriad of diseases and conditions. Many people have researched and touted the use of CBD on humans, but a growing body of research has discovered the positive (or should we say pawsitive?) effects of CBD for your pets and other animals. Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid receptors located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, which help maintain balance in the body and keep it in a normal healthy state. Dog owners have reported using CBD oil treats pain, especially neuropathic pain, in their pets as well as helping to control seizures. CBD is also used because of its anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac benefits, anti-nausea effects, appetite stimulation, anti-anxiety impact, and for possible anti-cancer benefits, all things that keep your pet happy and healthy well into the future.

When giving CBD to your pets, it’s important to remember that there may be some minor side effects, just as in any CBD product humans use. To minimize any potential side effects, make sure you are following the proper dosage. Dosage can vary based on your pet’s size, weight, and species, so use this online dosage calculator to figure out exactly how many drops of CBD your pet needs: https://www.innovetpet.com/pages/cbd-dosing-calculator. Some side effects might include:

  • Dry mouth: Research has shown that CBD can decrease the production of saliva. For most animals, this would manifest as increased thirst. Leave out extra water and make sure your pet is getting all the hydration they need.
  • Lowered blood pressure: High doses of CBD have been known to cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. Even though the drop is small, it might create a brief feeling of light-headedness or confusion for animals. Monitor closely and cut back your dosage if you notice your pet experiencing this.
  • Drowsiness: Many pet owners have used CBD to treat anxiety. The calming effect of CBD can also cause slight drowsiness, especially when using higher doses. If your pet seems a bit sleepier, that’s okay- just make sure they’re not sleeping much more.

CBD is one of the best new developments in holistic veterinary medicine, and adding it into your pet’s life will create a beneficial and healthy addition that keeps them in your life for years to come. Check out our lines of organic and highest-quality CBD oil and introduce them to your pet’s world today.

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