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Suncare with CBD

Suncare with CBD

Being safe in the sun is of the upmost importance, but  you may find that sunscreens present on the market contain products that can cause irritation, or even in more extreme cases allergies. They don't often provide any moisture to your skin, or assist in repairing or delaying the affects of premature aging that the sun can produce. Ideally you need some kind of skin care or lotion that blocks all of the sun's harmful rays and also acts as a sunburn preventative.


CBD skin care products are being used far more widely and more have come onto the market, mainly because CBD (short for cannabidiol) can be found to help with skin repair, and has been proven to help inflammation and irritation. Additionally, CBD also contains lots of antioxidants that help to minimize the effects of UV radiation. By making this part of your daily skincare and sun regimen, you can truly reap the benefits in addition to help to protect and refresh your skin.


The Skincare question

According to the CDC, prolonged sun exposure causes various health problems, especially in areas that are exposed to high levels of UV, often  during late morning/afternoon. The sun produces UVB radiation, which can cause oxidation of skin cells that lead to cancerous growth. People with fair or light skin, or some conditions may also be more susceptible to UV damage to their skin

Sunscreens block, reflect, or absorb this radiation through inorganic or organic ingredients. The most common inorganic ingredients include zinc dioxide or titanium dioxide, which reflect and absorb radiation as well as giving the lotion a bright white colour.

As skin cancer rates  are on the rise, particulary among young adults, it’s more important to find a suitable sun protection solution that works for all of the family.

CBD’s Effects on the Skin

Cannabidiol is a proven anti-inflammatory agent, which means that it is perfect for treating acne and other skin conditions. However, it's beneficial qualities  also make it an excellent product for promoting overall skin health. Plus, its unique combination of fatty acids and amino acids nourishes the skin, and antioxidants help prevent the premature oxidation caused by radiation


CBD as a Sun Protection Solution

Adding CBD to your skincare regimen can help provide comprehensive protection for your skin. First, choose a sunscreen that typically formulated without the allergy-causing ingredients, yet effectively blocks UVB radiation. Next, incorporate CBD to enable your skin’s self-protective properties. You can do this through CBD-infused moisturizers or after-sun care products. When skin is properly nourished, it’s better able to resist oxidation and aging.

Taking it all home

When we're all enjoying the sunshine, everyone must ensure that they protect their skin. Blocking UVB radiation damage and supporting your skin’s natural defensive and restoring properties are both key parts of overall skin wellness. Cannabidiol has been proven to help by preventing oxidation and promoting balance in the skin. Plus, CBD-infused moisturizers can help sun-exposed skin recover and regenerate more quickly. CBD is an important an powerful part of everyone's skincare routine.





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