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What's the current state of CBD Laws in the UK?

Cannabis is currently a controlled drug as classified by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Under an amendment to law, the Misuse of Drugs Regulations Act 2001, placed it under Schedule 1, which is the category for substances with no medicinal value. This is despite however the large and extensive list of Cannabis use in the UK and worldwide for at least the last 1000 years. 


Within the cannabis plant, there are hundreds of compounds - the most known of are CBD and THC. THC Is the psychoactive compound found in Cannabis "e.g. its the bit that gets you high" whereas CBD is the non-active component. Together they are present in the raw natural state of cannabis. Nearly all of the cannabinoids are covered under the Misuse of Drugs act 1971, however CBD is not amongst these. Specifically it is perfectly legal to own, produce and manufacture CBD products as long as they don't have over 0.2% THC. 


In 2016 the Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said that CBD products, if they were advertised for medical purposes, need to be licensed. Currently no licenses have been granted for CBD use, but some products can still be sold as long as specific claims about their medical benefits are not made e.g. the 'will it cure cancer' test(*)

Only one drug has been approved by the MHRA for general use - Sativex, which is a 50-50 mix of CBD and THC, used in the treatment of MS. 


So - you - as a consumer, how can you guide yourself through the ever increasing environment when trying to find the correct CBD product?


  • Make sure that the company that is selling the products have *independently verified testing* that is available for you to see. Lots of products have been found to not have any where the advertised level of CBD when tested. We include test results for all of our products, and they are all available online at any time.  We know our entire supply chain, from the family owned farm where the hemp is gathered to the local company that make our boxes for the oil droppers.
  • Be aware of untested claims on websites. The only thing that has been tested to cure cancer is cancer doctors and their treatments!
  • If it looks too dodgy it's probably not right in the first place.
  • Buy local if you can. All of our products for example are manafactured from products within the EU, and are bottled, packaged and sold from the UK. There are a lot of resellers who just buy bulk white-label products from the US, slap a label on and charge you a premium. Support your local UK business!!


(*)If you're unaware of this test, try it next time you're about in a sales environment where people are trying to push the latest products - I've seen this before at the Ideal Home Show in London. There are many stalls there advertising 'this and that' medical benefits - but one sure fire way to spot snake oil is the claim 'it cures cancer'. I spotted at least 3 stalls  selling items that made these claims - either that it can help cancer sufferers or that it will help in the fight against cancer. Again nothing that doesn't require a prescription has been tested and verified.



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