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600mg CBD Candle, Jasmine

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Our Jasmine candle fragrance, packaged up in a perfectly blended, hand made and hand poured Soy wax candle. Just the thing to unwind after a long day - perhaps a daydream of a warm summers evening, relaxing with the honeyed scent of Jasmine wafting across the breeze, as you rock yourself asleep in the hammock. Delightful. 

These hand crafted, hand poured soy candles are the result of dedicated researching and testing in house. The delicate yet powerful fragrance of Tobacco, mixed in with the sweet alluring scent of warm honey. Just the thing to setting you down after an evening, put the fire on and relax. 

All our CBD candles are infused with 600mg of CBD, so you can relax and take in the benefits. 

Additionally all our candles use cross-wooden wicks - giving a richer, more beautiful dancing flame, with a light cracking noise. 

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