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Meet the founders

It all started when…

Dave and Jo were early users of CBD oil products. They quickly found out that most if not all of the products were incorrectly advertised, Usually rushed out, and very low in quality. As consumers it was difficult to tell the quality and viability of the oils and products on offer, as it was sometimes misleading (displaying CBD content as a % vs mg)


They decided to make a change. They sought to reclaim the market from head-shops, online resellers and ebay white-package-goods resellers, and giving you the customer the information, quality and reassurance to purchase our products.


And then they decided to do CBD Candles - and CBD Manuka!

All of our products are hand crafted in the UK, expertly tested and refined. 100% genuine, 100% authentic and 100% quality.

Take back control - make CBD for health your daily motto. Check out our range of complete CBD products knowing you are purchasing from the UK's most trusted and open CBD source. 

Qualis-Est - The quality shows