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CBD Candles

The highest quality CBD candles, tested to perfection
Handmade in our state of the art facility, all our candles are made using 100% Soy wax. This makes a pure white candle with a soft sheen that is 100% Vegan and 100% Veggie. Expertly blended with our scent scientists to create the perfect blend of oils and fragrances for you to enjoy. All our candles have wooden wicks which we have found to be more environmentally friendly (no paraffin wax here) and they give longer burn times
Decadent scents and oils
All our oils and scents are sourced from UK suppliers. Every scent is delicately chosen and expertly blended and tested to make sure only quality components get our seal of approval.
A myriad of choices
Fancy relaxing? Take in the superb lavender fragrance. Want something more hygge and homely? Try a slice of toasted Banana-nut-bread. And the go-to fragrance to spice up the situation? it has to be love potion. Spark up a flame that will last forever!
A CBD choice in every candle
Don’t want to imbue CBD in an oil form, but still want the same CBD benefits? Try a relaxing candle, infused with high quality CBD. You get all the same essential CBD health benefits oil benefits but in a relaxing luxury candle. Take back control!