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600mg CBD Candle, Banana Nut Bread

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Go ape for our Banana Nut Bread!

It's the relaxing fragrance of just-cooked banana bread, with a hint of nuttiness. Perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings, fire up the candle, put on a pot of coffee and hit the news to see how the world is turning on this fine day.

We spent extra-long making this fragrance work with our wicks, so much in fact we had a specially designed wick just for this fragrance. Introducing our new alternative 'wavy wicks' they last longer than the normal cross wicks, but they are only available on certain select fragrances that require a bit more of a leisurely burn.  Burn time on this one is over 48 hours, so plenty of time to relax!


All our CBD candles are infused with 600mg of CBD, so you can relax and take in the benefits. 

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