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CBD Candle, CBD Health Benefits
CBD Candle, Relax you're worth it
CBD Candle, CBD Health Benefits
CBD Candle, CBD Health Benefits

600mg CBD Candle, Floriza

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Floriza - the scent reminiscent of..


Something? You know you recognise the fragrance - it smells like a clean house. Like all the chores have been done, the picture frames are dusted, the roast dinner is on, and you're flicking through the channels with a  glass of wine in your hand. You notice the fresh smell - and everything seems to be right.. 

All our CBD candles are infused with 600mg of CBD, so you can relax and take in the benefits. 

Additionally all our candles use cross-wooden wicks - giving a richer, more beautiful dancing flame, with a light cracking noise. 

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